2021-2022 Year End Contest Gallery

Images submitted in this year’s contest can be viewed in various ways.  In this gallery section you will find the contest presentation, slides by category, or view the images in the contest gallery plugin.  In this later viewer, options are available to sort by number of ratings or category.  

2021-2022 Year End Contest Category Submissions
2021-2022 Year End Contest Images

2020-2021 Year End Contest Gallery

This gallery is a collection of images that were submitted by the listed club members in the year end photo contest.  This gallery is divided into two collections.  The first collection only shows the winning images, which is filterable by the award level.  The second collection is all the photos submitted, which is viewable also filterable by the submission category.

2020-2021 Year End Contest Gallery Awarded Images

This collection allows the viewer to see all of the award recognized images displayed by submission category.

Best of Show Image
Architectural Category Awarded Images
Blue Hour Category Awarded Images
Distortion Category Awarded Images
Fill the Frame Category Awarded Images
Kansas City Icons Category Awarded Images
Open Category Awarded Images
Peaceful Easy Feeling Category Awarded Images
Uneven Category Awarded Images
Vanishing Point Category Awarded Images
2020-2021 Year End Contest Gallery Filterable By Submission Category

In this gallery viewers are allowed to see all submitted images or filter by submitted category.