How to Become a Member

Anyone can join the club.  We are a nonprofit organization. Membership requires an annual fee.  This year COVID-19 has reduced club costs, allowing us to also reduce annual dues from $40 to $20 per person.  To join, use the Contact Us page and enter in the message field that you want to join the club.  We'll get back with you.

How to Gain Access to the Members Area

The Members menu requires a club membership.  Once you are confirmed as a member, we will send you the registration link.

What are the resolution guidelines for show and tell images?

All images should be sized for 3840 pixels on the longest dimension, resolution of 140 ppi, and saved as jpeg.  Images should be renamed to include the artist's last name in the first characters of the title.   Submit JPG files on a flash drive tagged with your name. Drives will be returned after the images have been loaded into the computer for projection.

May I attend a meeting without being a member?

Yes! Guests are always welcome! We do ask, however, that if you would like to attend more than one or two meetings, you become a member and pay dues.

Upload an Contest image

Following is a guide to help you with uploading a contest image.

If you are the first one to post an image to a contest gallery the webpage look the following image.

If images are already loaded, then you'll see the contest gallery with some images loaded and it will look like this.

When you see the above image, click on the button in the upper left corner, which will trigger the below screen.

Fill in the respective information in the popup window.  Click the "Choose File" button.  Remember that JPG, PNG and GIF are the only file types allowed to upload.  Maximum length allowed is 2,000 px.  Limit dpi to 140.  If you followed this guidance correctly, you'll see a thumbnail of the image

When you're ready to upload the image, press the "Upload" button in the upload the image.  If you sized the image within the limits, you will get the following confirmation popup.

If you have other images to upload, then press the the button in the upper right hand corner that has the rewind arrow.  

If you are done adding images then press the button in the upper right hand corner with the "X" to close the pop up window.

Edit Member Profile

You can edit your membership profile from within the Members webpage as illustrated below and clicking on your member profile to open it up for viewing.

Once your member profile opens for viewing you will be able edit your profile background and personal image.

To add your image make sure your image will properly size within the picture size limits of 190px by 190px and doesn't exceed 953.7MB.  Click on the profile picture location, then click on the Upload Photo menu option as illustrated below.

When the below pop up window surfaces on your screen click on the upload button.

When you click on the upload button, your operating system will reveal a file load dialogue window.  Locate the file you want to use.  Click on it to highlight it, then press the Open button as shown below.

If you didn't format the image correctly you will get this error message


If that is the case, adjust your image to meet the standards and try again.  If your image sizings are acceptable, then you will see the image in the "Change your profile photo" window as shown below.  Press the "Apply" button to insert the image into your profile.

After adding your profile image, you should add a cover photo for the background of your profile.  To add an image click on the plus sign in the background area, then move your cursor Upload a cover photo menu option as shown below.

After clicking on that menu option, the below "Change your cover photo" popup window opens as shown below.

When this popup opens, press the upload button move around in the files area for your cover photo, click on it and press the open button as shown below.

When the image is loaded you will see that there is the capability to crop the image as shown below.

If you followed these steps correctly you will have a cover photo for your background and your profile image displayed.

Another option is to press on the gear icon in the lower right hand corner of your cover photo area as shown above.  Clicking on the gear reveals a drop down menu where you need to click on the menu "Edit Profile" to open the edit your profile options.

Clicking on that menu option will open the profile for editing as shown below.  

This is where you can insert a note about yourself that is limited to 180 characters to include the space between words.  When you get under 5 remaining characters the letter count turns red.  

When you are in this editing option you will also be able to correct some other profile information fields.  When you have finished updating the information in your profile, click on the "Update Profile" button to save those changes.  Another option to save your changes is to click on the gray check mark that turns green as you hoover over it before you click on it.  After you do, it changes back to the gray gear.

THAT IS IT.  You have updated your profile.  Enjoy!