Year End Photo Contest

Submittals for the 2021-22 Year-End Photo Contest are due at the May 2021 club meeting. Only images shot from May 11th, 2021 through May 9th, 2022 are eligible. There are nine subject categories to choose from with a maximum of three entries per category allowed. Total number of submissions may not exceed twelve images. A guest professional photographer will judge the contest with the results to be presented and discussed at the June 2022 club meeting.

Here are the Year-End Contest Subject Categories with interpretations. The interpretations are not intended to limit your creativity, but to give you a starting point.


Frozen (FROZ) — A person or something turned into ice, damaged by extreme cold, preserved or made motionless by extreme cold, or in a fixed position.

How We See Ourselves (OUR) — Self-portrait or self-image. The conceptualization we form in our minds about the kind of person we are. Self-portraits don’t have to be photos of a face. They can be photos of hands holding something beloved, feet splashing in a puddle, a silhouette, or abstraction.

Humor (HUM) — There are some situations that are just funny and require little or no intervention. Others require a controlled setting and/or some intervention. Think about unguarded moments, perspectives, juxtapositions, kids, pets, props, photobombs, smiles soliciting smiles, distortions of reality and the strange things people do.

Reflection(s) (REF) — Using reflective surfaces to create an artistic echo of a scene. This could include water, metal, tiles, mirrors, or anything with a shiny surface.

Seascape / Lakescape (SCAPE) — Images where the main subject is the sea or ocean or a lake or pond.

Three (THREE) — The number 3 crops up quite often in photography. Think about 1) depth – foreground, midground, and background, 2) three points of interest, 3) Rule of Thirds, 4) the literal number 3.

Texture (TEXT) — Details that visually describe how something physically feels. Textures can be smooth, rough, and anything else your hand feels when it touches a surface. In photography, depth, good contrast, and patterns are what defines textures.

Tree(s) (TREE) — Trees are considered representative of life, wisdom, power, and prosperity. They make excellent photography subjects at any time of year.

Vast (VAST) — 1) very great in size, amount, degree, intensity, 2) immense; 3) wide, broad, boundless.