About us

We are a nonprofit camera club that meets in Johnson County.  We have been together for over 25 years exploring local, regional, national, and international locations to pursue our photographic adventures.

How it all began

A bit of our history

Although not as ancient as this photo, our club has been in existence since 1963 to quickly become a vibrant place for local photo enthusiasts to gather and learn more about their craft. 

To put this in perspective, this was 10 years before the cell phone was introduced, and most of the senior club members were children.

The club met in several different locations over the years and now is meeting virtually and/or in-person at the Asbury United Methodist Church at 75th and Antioch.

Our evolution

Back then, this was mostly 100% film photography.  Over the years, all of our members have converted to digital, although a few are still shooting with a film camera as part of their photography mastery endeavors.

Our association

Since our inception, we have had a long-time association with Overland Photo Supply.  Overland Photo Supply offers discounts to Johnson County Camera Club members.  We appreciate this relationship and hope you do as well.

Our philosophy

Our objective is to develop a better understanding and appreciation for the medium of photography, the equipment and materials used, and to promote the “art” and “craft” of photography. We seek to foster information-sharing between members so that those who want to learn more about a particular aspect of photography—be it printing, fine art, marketing, film, or artificial lighting just to name a few—have the opportunity to connect with other members in the community who share the same interest.