Year End Photo Contest Results

Our June club meeting transitioned to a ZOOM meeting due to concerns with COVID-19. This actually turned out to be a good solution in that we still haven’t solved our audio issues when we have attempted to do a slit ZOOM and in presence meeting. So this was a good adjustment for club members to be able to easily participate.

The consensus is that there were 191 amazing submissions that completed in nine categories. The breakdown by category was: Frozen – 19 images; How We See Ourselves – 13 images; Humor – 14 images; Reflection – 31 images; Seascape / Lakescape – 23 images; Three – 21 images; Tree(s) – 22; and Vast – 24 images.

Judging was provided by former club member now resident Floridian Mike Jensen. We really appreciate him joining us again and more importantly being the judge. This was the first year that we used our website plugin Contest Gallery. We hope our club members like this process. Submitted images are available in the Year End Contest Galleries. Viewers of that page have options to either use the aforementioned plugin or open up PowerPoint saved PDFs of the images submitted for a given category. Also uploaded is Mike Jensen’s award images PowerPoint presentation saved as a PDF.

Mike Jensen

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