Welcome to Our New Website

The Johnson County Camera Club has taken the step to refresh its website. Employing some of the newest WordPress technology, like the ever popular Elementor theme building, the effort has been tireless to update the site to promote our club as a quality community offering exceptional content that extends awareness of the club’s benefits while reinforcing membership’s appreciation.

Consider the differences from the featured image, which shows the home page of the new website to the home page of the old website (see below).

Former Club Website

A few items that immediately stands out is a new club logo with this same coloring scheme added as branding colors throughout the website. Perhaps the most notable difference is the increase in photos displayed throughout the website. What you might not notice initially is the expansion of members services and club member specific webpages.

It is with hopes that we offer you this new website as feature laden content provider that will help visitors consider our club and offer you tools and information to help you more fully enjoy your members.

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