A Compendium of YouTube Content For Photographers

YouTube offers club members an abundance of vlogs, which often places us in a conundrum on which ones out of all of these offers the best investment of our time. That is the aim of this blog.  Herein will be an ongoing attempt to organize by topic some of the more desired YouTube vlogs that hopefully will help enhance your photography skills, knowledge or enjoyment.

Channels to Consider

Below is a listing of the YouTube channels to consider.  This list was developed from the author’s channel subscriptions, looking at who these channel vloggers follow, and blog postings reviewed from an internet search for best YouTube photography channels.  The below listing isn’t ranked, but alphabetically sorted.  For the reader’s convenience both the YouTube channel and their supporting website where additional useful content is available is an added to enlarge the readers understanding of how the channel can be of benefit to their photographic learning experience.

  • The Art of Photography presented by Ted Forbes has been around for a long time.  Besides his entertaining fast speak style, you’ll find a plethora of photography knowledge from gear reviews, compositional use reviews, famous photographer’s contributions, and viewer challenges.  He offers iTunes podcasts, a channel website, and an interesting personal website under his name.
  • B&H Photo Video besides being the premier gear store, their channel is full of videos providing product reviews and education.  Besides knowledgable employees provides video education, B&H Photo Video store hosts recorded presentations during customer seminars from professionals that will expand your skill and knowledge.  Their OPTIC conference is a must to watch.
  • Simon Baxter is a master of woodland photography.  If trees are a photographic interest, then this is your channel.  Even the website logo marks his photographic focus. 
  • Nigel Danson perhaps has the second most popular YouTube landscape photography channel.   YouTube channel that offers ample insights in his subject matter and well explained.  A plus up, if you like dogs is that often his beloved English Springer Spaniel name Pebbles is often in his videos.  It is worth visiting his website to read his story.
  • Mark Denney is another landscape photographer that provides good instructional videos on a variety of subjects to include becoming a full time professional.  His website is all laid out.  He offers a newsletter that could be worth signing up for.  Note that Mark Denney is a member of Fstoppers.
  • Adam Gibbs is a popular landscape photographer and vlogger. He is known for his photographs of trees. However, he does take the time in his vlogs to explain his compositional effort and reasonings.  He is especially good and helping you recognize conflicting elements.  His website titled Quiet Light speaks on his focus of using soft light and mastering the glow.
  • Ben Horne is the first and longest active photography vlogger. He is a large format professional that specializes in what he refers to as wilderness photography. His vlogs provides reoccurring trips to Death Valley, Zion, Colorado Plateau, and the Redwood Forest. He has a sweet website full of impressive images.
  • DPReview TV is the YouTube channel that is a companion site to their ever popular website, DPReview where photographers have gone to get product reviews and learn from hands on demonstrations.
  • Fstoppers is a very popular photography education hosted by a community of photographers, whose aim is to educate photographers, cinematographers and creative professionals on a variety of topics.  This is coupled to their website, which is community based and allows you to join groups on photographic genres.  If you subscribe to the channel, then you should join the website.
  • Chris Hau‘s YouTube channel states that he will help you create wicked photography content.  He just recently released a video titled “How to GET PAID to TRAVEL even with ZERO Followers” is worth the time to watch. His website is focused on marketing his craft.
  • Thomas Heaton has the top YouTube landscape photographer channel that offers entertaining and insightful vlogs. Besides covering digital landscape photography, he has over the last couple years started using film.  You can see by watching other landscape vloggers the influence his channel has even on them. His website is also top notch.
  • Mads Peter Iversen is another landscape photographer, whose primarily focuses on compositional and artistic choices in taking photographs.  Based out of Denmark, Mads videos will help you develop your landscape vision and improve your understanding of choosing the best settings to achieve your vision.  His website is mostly  marketing based, but does have a nice blog and gallery.
  • Eric Kim Photography might be the most original street photography channel.  He has a whole sub-channel titled: Introduction to Street Photography Free Online Class that is a must view, if street photography is a genre that you are in to.  On his website, you’ll find that he has posted links to a video, PDF, and gallery of his best images of all time.  His images are impressive and captivating.
  • Jessica Kobeissi has an incredibly popular YouTube channel that appears to cover tips on photographing people and models.  Highly sought after photographer, specializing in wedding and engagement photography.  This very popular instagram photography has tips and tricks to gain the most out a photo session.  Her website offers some presets that could be useful.
  • Mango Street is a channel full of photography tutorials, where the channel providers state “won’t waste your time.”  If you want entertaining videos that will enhance your everyday photography skills then this is your channel and you will need to bookmark their companion website, Mangostreetlab.
  • Tony & Chelsea Northrup is a very popular photography tutorial and review channel that is notably entertaining.  This is a channel that reviews new gear and how to use.  They also cover the breath of photography genres.  There is also tutorials on Photoshop and Lightroom. There is a store website and both Chelsea and Tony each have their own websites.
  • Nick Page is a primarily landscape and nightscape photographer that also dabbles with storm chasing.  He sometimes teams up with Mads Peter Iversen and Michael Shainblum.  He images show an interesting and dramatic rendering.  His website allows you to view his images, but the site is mostly geared to marketing his services.
  • PHLEARN is the most popular YouTube Photoshop channel.  A must for any photographer.  While Photoshop is his primary focus, you will ample tutorials on using Lightroom.  Don’t let the lack of content stop your from subscribing to this channel.  If you like his YouTube channel you must check out his learning website and the numerous FREE tips and tricks.  It is a must bookmark site!
  • Evan Ranft is an informative Street Photography channel that also covers being a freelance and making it on your own photography advice.  His most recent video titled “The $100k Photography Formula” is an indication on the type of content you’ll find in his channel.  His website mimics his YouTube content on being a freelance photographer.
  • Attilio Ruffo is a lessor known Landscape Photographer, but his videos  are extremely informative.  Though he isn’t posted anything in the last six months at the time of creating this posting.  He has a nice website.
  • The Phlog Photography is another Photoshop and Lightroom tutorial channel.  Has value in learning some of the most desired techniques that creates exceptional photographs.  His website offers an opportunity to see his photography gallery.
  • Michael Shainblum is primarily known as a landscape and time-lapse photographer that lives in the San Francisco.  Often teams up with Nick Page and others in his vlogs.  Covers a lot of topics, but offers videos on working with fog and lighting situations. Also has videos on Seascapes. His website is primarily a marketing site, but does have some nice blog postings.  The value is with his galleries.
  • Shutterstock Tutorials is a YouTube with that aim.  They are building a collection of vlog content on tips that will improve your skills.
  • The Slanted Lens is the YouTube channel for club members wanting to  learn and operate a home studio and improve their photography and lighting techniques.  For controlling and instructing on lighting, see his sub channel Laws of Light.  His sub-channel Home Studio Setup covers that topic.
  • Frederik Trovatten is a popular street photography YouTube channel.  Besides offering sub-channels on Tips & Tricks, you’ll find an interesting sub-channel titled: How to take photos like where he leads you through the techniques of the street photographer masters.  He also offers sub-channels on film for beginners and street photography challenges.  Don’t forget to checkout his website
  • Sean Tucker is noted by numerous bloggers as a photography YouTube channel to follow.  His videos are TV like in quality.  Why he is followed and recommended is that the focus of his channel content is on the “Whys” of photography.  If you are interesting in improving your images have more meaning or tell a better story, then this is your channel.  His website is dynamic and original.
  • Willem Verbeek YouTube channel is about using a lot of different older film cameras to take exceptional photos anywhere within your surroundings.
  • Jau W YouTube channel is on camera product reviews with an entertaining twist.  His channel is extremely popular.

Topical Listing of Photography Related Vlogs

Focal Length Blending, also referred as Perspective Blending

Landscape Photography

Night Photography

  • 5 Night Photography Tips for Magical Photos with Rachel Jones Ross offers some insides on tuning your Sony camera for night photography, as well as discusses how to use PhotoPills Spot Stars widget to properly calculate the exposure that eliminates star trails.  She also references using the program Starry Landscape Stacker for noise reduction.  Check out her website, Astrlisphotography.

Photo Competitions

Shutter Speed Blending

Misc Vlogs

  • Chris Burkard: The joy of surfing in ice-cold water is a TED talk given by Chris Burkard, a Sony Ambassador, photographer, and film maker on his experience photographing Iceland surfing.  A must see video!
  • Scott Kelby’s 10 Amazing Landscape Editing Tips | OPTIC 2021 is an extremely valuable vlog that offers views numerous post processing techniques that will solve not often discussed imaging issues. Here is the break down of his vlog: 0:00 Introduction; 1:38 Create Reflection Photos in Photoshop; 5:12 Exposure Trick; 7:38 Bluer & Richer Sky; 8:26 Highlights Trick; 9:28 Sky Replacement; 11:24 Getting Rid of Glow; 13:47 Spot Removal; 16:09 Vignette; 17:33 Mask; 20:03 Dehaze; 23:27 Exposure Trick in Action; and 24:52 Final Thoughts. The getting rid of glow at 11:24 into the video is a rare trick or technique that we should all have available in our trick bag.

The goal of this blog was to consolidate a list of YouTube channels and individual videos that should be found to add value in developing club members photographic skills and knowledge.  The value of this blog will be determined by the feedback club members provide.  It is hoped you found this blog to have met the mark.  Thanks!

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