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Welcome to the
Johnson County Camera Club

A Club for All Photographers

The Johnson County Camera Club is a nonprofit organization based in Prairie Village, Kansas.  Membership is open to photographers with all levels of experience. Whether you are a novice, advanced amateur, or professional photographer, your interest and talents are always welcome.

Field Trips

Each month during our club season, members participate in photographically challenging field trips. Both group field trips and buddy-up sessions, are efforts to expand our perspective and hone our compositional creativity. These field trips are popular with club members.

Post Processing Workouts

Post processing reviews are a key aspect of club meetings.  Our club hosts several different types of programs, all aimed at helping participants to learn about the different post processing tools and techniques available that will enhance members’ creative skills.

  • Post Processing Products Review
  • Shared Editing
  • Post Processing Competitions

Members Helping Members

Members helping members is the heart of our Johnson County Camera Club.  Whether it is a member sharing-moment at a club meeting or our buddy-up program, the aim is to help us to get out and shoot. It also builds club friendships and creates skill-sharing and confidence-building moments.

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Our Open Invitation

Join us at one of our club meetings.  We would enjoy your company!  Our goal as a club is to provide a profoundly cooperative club environment that stimulates learning and enhances lasting friendships.  So join us soon.  Dress is casual.

Meeting Periods

SEP-JUN on the 2nd Monday of the month
Program Hours: 7:00 - 9:00 p.m.
Contact us to join our Zoom Sessions

How to Contact Us

Meeting Location: 5400 W 75th Street
Prairie Village, KS 66208
Phone: (913) 303-1172
Email: jccc.cameraclub@gmail.com

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