Club Info

The Johnson County Camera Club is a non-profit organization based in Prairie Village, Kansas. The club hosts a number of programs covering a wide variety of photographic interests each year. We are always looking for fresh perspectives and new members.

Our objective is to develop a better understanding and appreciation for the medium of photography, the equipment and materials used, and to promote the "art" and "craft" of photography. We do this through programs, "Show & Tell" sessions where members share their images, contests, and the occasional field trip to a place of interest.

We welcome guests to attend, and, if interested, to join our club. Membership dues of $40.00 for one year are paid during the month of September, which is the beginning of the club year.

For additional information or questions on the Johnson County Camera Club, activities, meetings, and membership send us a note on our Contact Page.

Office Name
President Paul Douglas
VicePresident Ciska Fessl
Secretary Donna Vincent
Treasurer Crystal Nederman

If you have a question for one of the club officers, please send us a note on our Contact Page.

The club holds an annual photography contest at the end of the club year. Subject categories for the contest are presented at the beginning of the club year, then members can use those categories as they shoot images throughout the year. The contest is judged by a guest professional photographer, and small monetary prizes are awarded to the winners in each category.
For more specific information about the contest, see the Competitions Page.